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Member News

2017-09-30For the 35th season the prize awarded will be $10,000 when a contestant wins the $10,000 prize during the mystery round.
2017-01-16Welcome back to the $5,000 Prize every weeknight. All you need is a Spin ID
2016-09-23Exciting News - Next week 9-26 - 9-30 there will be a contest to win a Disney Vacation. Read all about it here: Grand Adventures
2016-09-12A new season begins today with all new puzzles. This is the 34th season and in honor of that, the minimum cash prize for the bonus round will now be $34,000.
2016-01-11Be sure to check out the European Vacation Sweepstakes this week on Wheel of Fortune Here is a link - European Vacation Sweepstakes
2015-09-14A new season begins today with all new puzzles. This is the 33rd season and in honor of that, the minimum cash prize for the bonus round will now be $33,000.
2015-05-05How would you like to win the Trip of a Lifetime.
Wheel of Fortune is giving you a chance to win that opportunity ! Here are the details - Trip of a Lifetime
2015-05-04Wheel of Fortune now has a cooking contest.
They are working with Mr. Food Test Kitchen to create a Wheel of Fortune inspired cookbook full of original recipes.
You can send in your recipes and have a chance to be in the cookbook.

If you would like to enter, here is a link. - Your Wheel Recipe
2015-03-02Notice - This week, March 2-6, is Disney Sea and Shore week. Enter to win a trip to Hawaii ! More Information - Sea and Shore
2014-11-10Notice - - SECRET SANTA- - Do not forget to log in to the Wheel of Fortune website by 11-30-2014 to make sure your Spin ID Number is active for the Secret Santa prizes. If you are not member and do not have a Spin ID number, go to www.wheeloffortune.com website and sign up by 11-30-2014 so you will have a chance to win one of these GREAT prizes.
For more details, Go to: Secret Santa
2014-01-27Watch Wheel February 3-7 and say "I do" for your chance to win a romantic Luxury Included® Vacation to Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island plus $5,000 cash. You and your sweetheart could be headed to paradise!*
2013-06-07Starting June 17 you can win $10,000 if you are an active Sony Card Holder. Go to http://www.wheeloffortune.com/minisites/5keveryday/ to get more information.
2012-12-31Happy New Year to all our Members and Friends. We wish you a healthy and Prosperous 2013.
2012-11-02Get ready for another season of Secret Santa. 3 lucky Spin ID holders will win what the 3 contestants win.
2012-09-19Looks like the new season will be giving away $5,000 for the prize every day.
2012-09-10Stay Tuned - New season starts 9-17-12. All new live shows and new puzzles and prizes.
2012-02-29STAY SAFE ON-LINE! Here is a great link on tips to stay safe on-line offered by Google. Scroll down the page that shows up to see the informative video. Stay Safe Online
2012-02-13Watch Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win. Here is a link for more information. Romance Week Information
2011-10-13Here is the information on the exciting chance to win big on Wheel of Fortune. Click on this link to read all the details: Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa - November 7-22, 2011.
2011-09-28See Below for Exciting News !
2011-09-09This is from an Email sent by Wheel of Fortune:
Coming up in early November, there will be a special holiday sweepstakes where
Wheel Watchers Club members have the chance to win up to $1 Million with their SPIN ID number.
To be eligible to win you must log in or Join the Wheel Watchers Club by October 19th.
Log into the Wheel of Fortune.com website now to make sure your Spin ID is in the Winning ID Pool.
If you have forgotten your login you can have it sent to you.
If all else fails, apply for a new ID you only need a unique Email and you can get one on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for free.
Then sign up for our service so we can call you when you win.
Let us know if you have any questions!
2011-08-15Just to reassure you, we are here monitoring all the Spin ID winners even in the summer (off-season) to make sure you will be able to collect your winning prize trip!
2011-06-15Keep watching Wheel of Fortune during the summer. The shows are reruns, but the Winning Spin IDs are new on each show in the summer. If you are not a member of our Alert Service, Join Today and we will call you when you win!
2011-05-17Keep watching! Next week, 5/23-5/27, is Wendy’s Family Week on Wheel of Fortune. If you have not already, you can get a game piece in a Wendy's Kids' Meal before next week. That way, when you watch Wheel on TV, you could win a Caribbean Cruise for four! If the puzzle on your game piece matches the Wendy's Promotion Puzzle on the show, you are the winner!
2011-04-29If you are looking to save money, look no further! As a Wheel Watchers Club Member, you are eligible for Wheel Deals. You can save big from retailers like Zales, Vitamin World, Maaco, and Aeropostale! Visit the website to find out about other offers: www.wheeldeals.sonyrewards.com, or visit our Savings Blog at Saves-U-Money.blogspot.com to view a full list of retailers and links to all the pages you will need to start saving today!
2011-04-22Happy Earth Day, Spin ID Alert Service Members! Celebrate with us by seeing how many products you can reuse or recycle today. We are keeping count on the blog at SpinIDAlert.blogspot.com, and you can add your count to ours by commenting on the Earth Day post! A tip for Earth Day: If every household in the U.S. switch just one roll of 500 sheet virgin fiber bathroom tissue with 100% recycled ones, we could save 423,900 trees, 1.0 million cubic feet of landfill space, equal to 1,600 full garbage trucks, and 153 million gallons of water, a one year supply for 1,200 families of four. (From SeventhGeneration.com)
2011-04-20Take the poll on our blog, SpinIDAlert.blogspot.com, “What is your favorite part of Wheel of Fortune?” Let us know why you think Wheel of Fortune is the best show on television! And log on to Facebook so that you can friend Spin ID Alert Service and play Wheel of Fortune on their page!
2011-04-06Wheel of Fortune is Going Green this week, and we are joining in on our Savings Blog. We will be featuring articles this week on How to Save "Green" by Going Green, so stop by saves-U-Money.blogspot.com to find out how! Money-saving tips for the whole planet!
2011-04-04Not only are we constantly updating our Savings page with great deals and links for our members to save money, but now we also have a blog devoted to that purpose! Check out our new Saving You Money blog at: Saves-U-Money.blogspot.com for tips, deals, and more!
2011-03-31Join us on Facebook and Twitter! Our Facebook page name is Spin ID Alert Service and our Twitter account name is SpinIDAlert. And you can comment on us, too!
2011-03-29This week Wheel of Fortune comes to you from Las Vegas, Nevada! Get ready for warmer weather by watching the contestants try their luck in the desert. Be sure to check out the video blogs of the contestants on Wheel of Fortune beforehand so you can pick your favorite! Just go to WheelofFortune.com and click on one of the links under the -This Week- banner.
2011-03-23Do not forget that the Vanna For a Day Winner, Katie, will appear on Wheel this Thursday, March 24th!
2011-03-17Happy St. Patrick’s Day, to all you Irish and Irish-for-today!   Be sure to watch Wheel of Fortune tonight while you enjoy your corned beef to see if the luck of the Irish is with you!
You never know, your Spin ID could pop up on the screen.
If you have plans tonight, make sure you’ve joined our Alert Service so we can call you when you win !
2011-03-16Have you checked out Wheel of Fortune’s traveling Spokeswedge?
He’s on his way around the country and he could be in your backyard! Check him out on Wheel of Fortune’s website: www.wheeloffortune.com – then just click “Where in the USA is $5K?” at the bottom of the homepage. The photos from previous winners are super fun to see and there’s even a list of places he’s going next! The two places on the list right now are Charlotte and Denver, so if you live in either of those, you should definitely check it out immediately!

The most important item of news is the changes to this page. Here at the Spin ID Alert Service we’ve added a NEW Member Request form for all of you who would like to get to know your fellow WheelSpinID.com members a little better, or to request help with something. Click on the “Members Help Members” link above and start requesting now! How does it work, you ask? Visit the link to find out!
2011-03-14This week is Pet Lovers Week on Wheel of Fortune! That means the puzzles and shows are pet-friendly, as well as the prizes. Check out the pets in pics & clips at WheelofFortune.com in the Show Guide for This Week.

We always try keep our Members current with information on how to get a new Spin ID Number as well as how to access certain features on our website and on the Wheel of Fortune website. If you have any questions or comments, just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and fill out the form. We will get back to you ASAP!
2011-03-01The winner of the Vanna for a day contest is: Katie C. from Savannah, GA. Click here Vanna for a Day to see and hear her video and then click on - HEAR THE WINNING CALL - to hear the phone call telling her she won! It is very exciting. Remember to watch on March 24th to see Katie as Vanna for a day.
2011-01-10What is all the talk about "Global Warming." It feels more like "Global Freezing." Stay warm everyone and we hope to be calling you soon for a trip to the Caribbean.
2010-12-31Happy New Year - to all of you who enjoy our website. Send us a comment using "Contact Us" We would love to hear what you are thinking. We wish that you all have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2011.
2010-12-10HAPPY HOLIDAY - to all of our members and friends. It is a great time of year to celebrate and spend time with family and friends.
2010-11-11HEALTH - For our members and friends it may a good idea for everyone to get a flu shot. For those 65 and older you can go to CVS and the shot is FREE. Just to be sure, ask before you get the shot, but we have talked to many who have gotten the shot for FREE at CVS. Love the price.
2010-11-06WHEEL INFO - How many of you caught the show on Friday when one player solved the seven word Prize Puzzle with only one letter turned up? That was such a shock. We have seen many other great solves, but this one took the cake and the prize to Grenada.
2010-10-27MEMBER INFO - We have added yet another benefit for our members. It is an easy way to help their charities. They have their friends, family and anyone else sign for our Spin ID Alert Service and we will make a donation to their charity for every member who signs up. For more details click on Fund Raising info on the Members Only page.
2010-10-22MEMBER INFO - We have added a new feature to the site. We have had several requests to provide members with answers to questions or needs. You must be a member and you must login to enter, view and reply to requests. Once you are logged in you can enter your request and then you will receive an Email when someone posts a reply to your request. Maybe you want to learn how to get more from the Internet or maybe you have a product to sell or you just have a simple question about something. The sky is the limit. None of your personal information will be shared with anyone else. Give it a Try!
2010-10-19INTERNET - Just a general warning to our members to keep an eye out for bogus Emails that request personal information. There seem to be more of them everyday. Many Email providers capture them and put them in quarantine, but some still get through. If it looks strange it probably is. If there are links in those Emails it is probably a good idea not to click on the links. Let us know if you have any questions.
2010-09-15WHEEL INFO - The new season brings a larger minimum prize in the bonus round. The new minimum is now $30,000. Do not be confused with the shows on Saturdays, they are re-runs and will have the older minimum of $25,000. But all the spin ID numbers are new, even on Saturday. Also new this season is the bonus of $5000 when a contestant wins a car on the final round.
2010-06-25WHEEL INFO - We are starting the summer season and that brings repeat shows of Wheel of Fortune. The Spin ID numbers are new ones and we will continue to monitor for all our members.
2010-06-18GENERAL - Sorry, but we have had some personal issues that have kept us from keeping this blog up too date.
2010-05-21GENERAL - Summer is just around the corner and we will be outside, maybe on vacation and probably taking pictures of family and friends and pets too. Have you ever looked at pictures taken by others and said I would love to take pictures like that. Well stay tuned and we will help. We have a photographer on staff who has won some awards and will be offering some advice. He does not have all the answers, but you may find some tips that will help.
2010-04-19WHEEL INFO - Thanks A Million Sweepstakes. Every weekday from May 3, 2010 - May 28, 2010, there will be 2 additional prizes awarded on every show in the amount of $25,000. That is an additional $50,000 in prizes everyday. So get your Spin ID number from www.wheeloffortune.com and then join our Alert Service, so we can call you when you win. Just click on - Join/Login - above. If you have not logged in to your account on Wheel in the last 6 months, do so now to keep your number is the active pool.
2010-03-31Watch Wheel on April 1st to see if you can spot the 10 things that are wrong. This will be done to celebrate April Fools Day. There is a form you can print on www.WheelofFortune.com website so you can record you findings. Good Luck
2010-03-03WHEEL INFO - Please let us know what type of information you would like to see presented here. Thank you. Just click on CONTACT above.
2010-02-03WHEEL INFO - Next week Wheel will be running a Las Vegas Sweepsteaks! You can win a trip to Las Vegas and 5,000 dollars! Go to www.WheelofFortune.com and then click on 5,000 CASH.
2009-12-14WHEEL INFO - The week of 12-14-09 -> 12-18-09 Wheel of Fortune will give away 1,000 - $100.00 Sears gift cards. Just go to www.wheeloffortune.com and click on the Sears Holiday Sweepstakes for more information. Good Luck!
2009-12-01GENERAL SPAM - Be careful if you get an EMail with the Subject: State Vaccination Program with a From or:CDC. The link is not a legit website. The Email asks you to create a profile and will probably ask for lots of personal information. If you receive this Email, Delete it and do not click on the link in the Email. This just came in today 12-1-09. If you need information regarding Flu Vaccinations, google your state name and flu vaccinations to find more information.
2009-11-11GENERAL - We have heard from several members that they are getting ripped off when using their Debit cards. Here are the facts. The big banks issue a debit card and allow you to charge past your available balance. Then they charge you a $35.00 overdraft fee. Now, with the new Goverment regulations, this unfair practice has been eliminated.
2009-10-27GENERAL - Be careful when receiving Emails from people you do not know. There are many going around with subjects from IRS and FDIC and FACEBOOK. Most have attachments that may contain a virus. We advise that you never open an attachment unless you are sure you know the person who sent it and you know they sent the attachment. Attachments with .exe or .zip extensions to name a couple are programs that will run and could harm your computer. Other Emails seem to come from a bank, but they are just trying to get your personal or banking information. If you have questions, let us know.
2009-10-22WHEEL INFO - I wonder what Wheel of Fortune will do for a surprise in January. Contact us if you have any thoughts on what you think they will do or what you think they should do for a great prize.
2009-09-10WHEEL INFO - As America’s #1 game show enters its 27th season in syndication on September 14, Wheel of Fortune is saying good-bye to “Free Spin,” and introducing a new wedge on the wheel, “Free Play.” More Information on Free Play
2009-09-07WHEEL INFO - The new season starts on September 14, 2009. There are always new Spin Numbers during the summer season, but on September 14th, there will be new shows, new contestants and new puzzles all coming to you from Las Vegas.
2009-07-13WHEEL INFO - Visit the Wheel of Fortune website and review the information on the winning one of the 25 fabulous European Vacations, form July 13- July 17! Click on this link for: Wheel of Fortune. Then click on the picture for the European Vacations on the right side of the screen.
2009-07-08GENERAL - You have probably heard about the Do Not Call Registry. But, if you have not and you are receiving lots of annoying calls from people trying to sell you stuff you do not need, you can stop them in their tracks. Go to www.donotcall.gov and enter up to 3 of your phone numbers you want block. Yes, you can register a cell phone number. Within 31 days, you will stop getting those annoying calls. Let us know if you have any questions.
2009-06-29WHEEL INFO - Make sure to watch on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 for a repeat of the show when a contestant, Michelle, won the $1,000,000 prize !!
2009-05-28SCHEDULE - It will soon be the summer season. One thing you will notice is that the shows will be re-runs. They still have a new Spin ID number to win the prize trip, but if the contestant solves the final puzzle and wins a car, that is not given away to viewers at home. The cars are only given away during the regular season.
2009-04-01NEWS - $5K Every Day is up for grabs! And every Wednesday, you get TWO chances to win! Just announced that there will be two $5,000 Prizes every Wednesday. 2 SPIN ID numbers will be selected for shows on Wednesdays in April, May and the first week in June 2009. - Good Luck
2009-03-15Hello Members. Please let us know what you would like to see us add to this Website. Just click on - CONTACT US - and tell us what you would like to have us add. If you let us know, we will do our best to provide it for you.
2009-02-05Each night February 9th-13th, Wheel says "I LOVE YOU" by giving away two trips to Hawaii! Call it a second honeymoon or the vacation of a lifetime, but either way, it is your chance to WIN! Wheel is picking up the tab for ten lucky couples to escape to Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island! Do you want to win? If the answer is "I do," then make sure to watch Wheel and enter the Bonus Round Puzzle Solution each night from February 9th-13th. The more nights you enter, the better your chances of winning an incredible second honeymoon.
2009-02-01MAKE MONEY - We have extended the date for the double bonus to March 31, 2009. Refer a Friend. As a special bonus, we will pay $10.00 per referral who joins and pays. Do not wait to refer - THE FEE IS NOW DOUBLED.
2009-01-19SCAMS - We have seen so many scams lately, that we thought we would issue a warning. We receive Emails that get past our filters and they look like they are sent by our bank or credit card company. They warn that our account will be cancelled or suspended unless we provide verification information. NEVER NEVER answer or provide information to these Emails. If you have a concern call your bank or credit card company and talk to someone about the request. If there is a real problem these financial companies will probably send you a letter. The valid Emails you receive from your bank or CC company will not ask for account information, because they already have it. This practice is called Phishing. The individual who is trying to get your information may ask for account numbers, passwords, Social Security Number or other sensitive information. Some other ways to check out the Email is to copy a portion of the Email and paste it into a search engine like google, and you will many times see warnings about the Email. Hope this information is helpful.
2008-12-16MAKE MONEY - Sorry for the delay on the member news, but we have been rather busy looking for ways to help you make money and ways to help you save money. On the making money front, we have our first. If you refer a friend to our website and they join and pay their membership, we will pay you $5.00. Click on Refer A Friend for more details. It is not a lot of money, but if you refer 10 people that is $50.00. We are looking at ways to make the process even more attractive. On the saving money front, we are in talks with several companies to help you save some real money. We should have details soon.
2008-11-15WEB LINKS - We have added a new Deals & Savings page with ways to save money on lots of things you might purchase. We are adding to this page on an on-going basis. If there is something you are interested in, let us know so we can research ways and sites to save you money. Click on the links on this page to go to the websites that are of interest.
2008-11-10WHEEL INFO. - Great News. Starting November 17, 2008 and continuing through May 24, 2009 Wheel of Fortune will be giving away $5,000.00 on every show. If you are a member you are already registered, just make sure you log into the Wheel of Fortune Website every 6 months to keep your Spin ID active. If you are not a member, go to the Wheel of Fortune Website and register for an official Spin ID right away.
If you are a member of our Alert service, we will call you when you win.
For more information on this new give-away just click on the $5,000.00 link above.
2008-11-08TECHNICAL HINTS - If you would like to find something in the news, go to Google and click on news, on the top left, and then enter your search. If you enter your search first, you can click on News and it will only show results in the news. If you are looking for the latest, click on -Last Hour- or -Last Day- or -Past Week- in the left column. I like to search Last hour first, so I do not get a lot of old news.
2008-11-06WEB LINKS - Check out out new Internet Navigation Page. Makes it easy for you to find useful websites.
Click on: Helpful Internet Sites
2008-10-16MEMBERS - What do our members need. We are working on getting companies to give our members lower prices on their products. We need to know what you would like. Is it home goods, health insurance, beauty products, car insurance, phone services, computer services, computer training, food products? Just let us know and we will do our best to get it for you at a great price. - Spin ID Alert Staff.
2008-10-14WHEEL INFO. - Tonight is the night that something BIG is reported to be happening on the Wheel of Fortune. I have no idea what it is, but maybe someone actually wins the Million Dollars. NOTE - Update after the show - Michelle went to the Bonus round and she solved the puzzle - LEAKY FAUCET and won 1,000,000.00 - Wow was she excited. She is a newlywed from California, originally from NJ.
2008-10-11WEBSITE - We found this website which is a non-profit membership organization devoted to advancing the investigation and promoting the use of honey bee products to further good health and to treat a variety of conditions and diseases. www.apitherapy.org - Not sure if it works but I found the information very interesting.