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Member Request and Reply.

This new service is for our Members Only.
Our very popular Wheel Spin ID Alert Service is a commmunity that has grown to thousands of members.
We offer this new capability to let our members communicate their needs to other members and receive helpful replies.
With all members being wheel watchers, there is truly a common ground.

How does it work?
A member logs in, then enters a request such as: an Item for Sale, Looking for a Service, Looking for Information,
Looking for on-line Deals, or anything else that will help that member satisfy a need.
Other members can view and reply to the request. The requesting member can then review the replies.

All members can view the Requests and the Replies.
No information will be given out about a member who enters a request or the members who enter replies.

Any submission that is judged inappropriate will not be published.
This is a service for our members for their personal needs and information.

If you view a request and would like to reply, use the link on the page that displays that request.